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boomerang coins

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Joined: 02 Jul 2008
Posts: 130
Location: scotland

PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:07 am    Post subject: boomerang coins Reply with quote

i know this aint an epic tale, but i thought id share it anyway.

last october, i adopted one of my coins over to another member as a gift and set it free to travel towards him like he wanted it to. it made one large jump from wick to near kyle of lochalsh and then sat there for a while before being picked up. then the next cache drop it hits.............yeah you guessed it, back in the starting cache in wick.
*head in hands* *doh*
its meant to be heading towards greece.

anyone else has a boomerang coin/bug?
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Joined: 02 Jul 2008
Posts: 28
Location: Canonsburg, PA

PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yup...we have one. Brenda has a big bus stop sign TB. We hid it in a local park, and it moved to another cache in the park, and sat there. We picked it back up and took it all of the way to MI to the MWGB, to get it moving. Well, it moved from MI to OH and then back here. It started making the rounds at events, turns out people were hiding it in other people's vehicles (so the folks that ended up with it did not voluntarily take it). Finally, it ended up at Avroair's pirates event...a cacher in NJ has it. We're happy that it finally travelled out of the Pittsburgh area.
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Joined: 03 Jul 2008
Posts: 394
Location: Kassel, Germany

PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have a four corner benchmark coin, which I gave the goal to reach the actuall benchmark at the borders of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. I dropped it in a cache near home and took it to the mediterrian Island of Malta.
Next a Swedish Cacher picks it up, brings it to the Stockholm area. For half a year it travels south along the coast of Sweden to end in a cache near Malmö.
In my summer vacation I visited this cache only 3 weeks after my coin was there.
In the meantime this Swedish cacher goes on vacation. Guess where? On Malta!
Next another Swedish Cacher picks it up, brings it back to Sweden.
It's racking up miles, but only in north/south direction, not west.... It is actually steadily moving east...

Another one of mine is the Road to Sacramento coins.

I left it in a cache in Heidelberg, South Germany, with just the mission of traveling. After a while I was sorry to set such a lovely coin free and gave it the mission to come back to Kassel, where I live.

Just a week or so, after I gave it the mission to come home, it was lost from a cache. I was quite sad and as Oakcoins had a different version just for sale, I got me a replacement.
About three or four weeks after missing, I got notice, that the coin had turned up in a different cache, where someone didn't log it in...

It was about 350km west, as someone took it to Hamburg, which is about 350 km North. (I didn't check the km now, it's just a rough estimate...)
From Hamburg someone took it to Luxembourg, claming this would be closer to Kassel.
Luxembourg is about 450km southeast and has no direkt motorway connection. At the moment the coin is somewhere in France...

No worries, I have a different version at home, though.

Ah, well, you set them free and they behave like hot air balloons. Travel a bit, or not, it all depends on the wind...
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Jake - Team A.I.

Joined: 06 Jan 2009
Posts: 14
Location: Mesa, AZ

PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My boomerang geocoin story involves an original Canadian coin #0329. I'm including a link at the bottom of the post. You will note that the coin was released in the logs by a cacher named Addikt. This was my team mates online nickname before we came up with Team A.I. My nickname was Insomniak, so you see were we went with it.... But this is the rest of the story that isn't quite in the logs.

Sometime late in the summer of 2002, my team mate showed up at my house for a morning caching adventure. He showed me a coin that was specific to our new found hobby and was trackable... albeit before groundspeak blew open the geocoin market. We moved that coin into another cache and I have no idea what number it may have been. After our caching day I quickly went online to see about acquiring a few these coins for myself. I found the website and thought that the $3 price tag was within my budget so I ordered 4. Shortly after they arrived, Brian came back by for another morning of caching and this time we were heading to the Supersitition Mountains. At the time there was a White Elephant cache that required to you trade an item with what ever was in the container. Brian didn't realize this before we headed out so we ended up dropping one of the new coins into the cache to fulfill the cache requirement. We traded the coin for a naked troll doll that Brian eventually gave to his daughter.

The next person to visit the cache was Team Lazy K. He made an exchange for the coin and held onto it until he attended an event cache in Gilbert, Arizona, about 4 miles straight south of where I live. Due to my work schedule, I was unable to attend that event, but Team Evil Fish was. (Oh yeah, this was before I met him.) He retrieved the coin from the event and placed a new cache in a park that just so happens to be less than a quarter mile from my house. I saw the note in the coin log but was unable to get to the cache before a non-local cacher took the coin. Their note stated they planned to drop the coin in an Illinois cache.

The coin made two hops in Illinois before disappearing off the face of the earth. After a few months I wrote off the coin as being in someones collection.

One day while glancing through the groundspeak forums I came across a thread talking about a stack of geocoins that were being sold on ebay. I looked up the auction and noticed that there was more than one Canadian, but I never figured that one of them was mine. When the auction ended, shortly after I receive an email from the coin log stating that the long lost coin had been discovered. The log stated that the coin was purchased from someone in Florida. I looked up the thread and found the auction page. The seller was in fact from Florida, and the buyer used the same name as his ebay nickname. His not also included that he would be placing the coin back into a cache near his home in Colorado.

Quite a few more months passed by after that, when I received another notification that the coin had been pulled from a cache near Vernal, Utah. The cachers said that they would be taking the coin to Montana to release it.

At this point my team mate had moved to Billings, Montana. I contacted him and asked if he remembered that long lost coin we dropped off a few years earlier. He did and asked why. I pointed him to the log of the coin. He made contact with the traveling cachers. He found out that they were indeed traveling through Billings and would love to meet up with the cacher who first released the coin. Brian met the cachers and they gave him the coin back.

A few weeks later he shipped the coin back to me and it now resides back in my collection. You can definitely tell the coin has seen some travels. Against the pristine look of all the other coins in my collection may folks who see it ask why and I have an opportunity to explain how, sometimes if you let them free, they come back.

Coin log link: Canadian 0329
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Joined: 15 Nov 2008
Posts: 35

PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

this is a great thread!
amazing stories!

Check out my blog at:
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